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Liamova kratka zgodba o Avtizmu

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5 Pat! Zgodba govori o družini katera se je zaradi težkih življenskih in finančnih problemov,bila prisiljena preseliti v sosednjo Avstrijo.Namreč starša sta leta 2012 zapustila svoj rojstni kraj v Sloveniji in odšla kot bi rekli po domače ˝z trebuhom za kruhom˝ v sosednjo Avstrijo.Tam naj bi ju pričakal bratranec kateri jim je pomagal do prvega [...]

Give me a pat!

10/3/2014 6:18:15 PM

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33 Pat! Got Nolan while Melanie took Victoria to school, took a walk with him and Jack Jack, let him see the birds, fed the cat and dog, put Nolan down for nap, wrote in journal, buffed juku, computer maintinence, scheduled hair washing, cleaned up a little here and there, looked at rent amount online [...]

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10/1/2014 9:00:27 PM

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3 Pat! GOAL: Brainstorming to ge to TO DO LIST Go to library to see new environment Make flyer in Spanish Get ID from DSHS Schedule hug time with Michah Look up Wheel of Recovery Sort two boxes a day and one drawer Housekeeping schedule on Personal Schedule or Work Pamper time for PM rutine [...]


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3 Pat! The day is finally here, i have waited for this day the whole of my life, the day i marry the man of my dreams (or as close as lol). And what is it: ITS RAINING, not just raining but pouring down as hard as it possibly can..and what did i do, i [...]

1/13/2013 1:59:25 PM

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12 Pat! Office Depot Solutions Toolkit Service Report: Protection and Optimization Office Depot Solutions Toolkit is now complete. Please review the results below. Tasks Performed Remove unwanted software Your computer was reviewed for the presence of unwanted software programs. The unwanted programs were removed to optimize the performance of your computer. Removed Programs Norton Internet [...]

Give me a pat!


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4 Pat! I don’t know what i am writing about but i’m just going to start by saying, how i wish life was going. (RL) I wish i knew what it was like to be happy and be worry free but i don’t think that will ever happen. I have kept everything inside for so [...]


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8 Pat! Asalam o alikum ! I m shahbaz Khan From RWP.. Today this is my first dairy on Net . I write many dairies but its hardcopy. This is my first softcopy dairy.. I like writing. So today is sunday which is the holiday. And im in my own house with my family. But [...]