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The day is finally here, i have waited for this day the whole of my life, the day i marry the man of my dreams (or as close as lol). And what is it: ITS RAINING, not just raining but pouring down as hard as it possibly can..and what did i do, i did what every bride would do when there spirits then hit the floor like a ton of rocks, i cried, not only cried but sobbed..

My mum then decided out desperation and to try her best to raise my spirits decided we would go to breakfast, reluctantly and half heartedly we pumped up the rest of the ballons and set out out for the carvery to have what turned out to be a lovely half family breakfast…

The wedding started at 2:00pm down the registry office (still raining) and i have never ever been so nervous in the whole of my life..We were supossed to get married outside in the rose garden but due to the unfotunate weather we had to use the room inside..I was all set music had started playing pageboys and bridesmaids had started there entrance it was now my turn, Me and my mum that was giving me away squezed though the small door opening (bellys bashing) and started to walk down the isle…My legs where shaking that much i thought i was going to pass out…Thats when it happened i trode on the front of my dress and nearly fell flat on my face, luckly my mum was on the ball and managed to grab me before i completly stacked it..The rest of the ceromony went lovely and by the end i was completly relaxed and ready to ejoy the rest of my day….One happy woman.. We then went and had some lovley pictures taken in the rose garden under the gazebo as if by magic it had finally stopped raining…

Ater the wedding we went and had a nice dinner at the harvester resturant my dad even managed to eat 3 puddings, Nextweek he will be moaning he has put on weight lol..

The family then all came back to my house where we had cake that my mum so nicely made for us and a toast…

That evening we went down the pub for a piss up..

I know its not everyones cup of tea, but to me it was the best day ever..One lovely day had by all…  

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August 30, 2013 @ 11:52 am   

Congratulations to you Lea ^_^

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