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I don’t know what i am writing about but i’m just going to start by saying, how i wish life was going.

(RL) I wish i knew what it was like to be happy and be worry free but i don’t think that will ever happen.

I have kept everything inside for so long. Not knowing how to explain to anyone i feel.

I don’t mean to act out in anger, Or be hostile. It’s only because i am worrying and anxious.

But no one seems to understand that. They just judge me. Lecture me. And don’t understand.

But if they actually knew. They would know im slowly dying inside.


(SL) I’m going to start by saying, SL has been an pleasurable experience for me. But had some dramatic times, That ended in haeartbreak.

First I’m going to start with:

Jaqualine: The first one i met in sl. (We met in a pregnancy clinic almost about 4 years ago lol) I’ll always remember that ugly vampire girl, with the pale skin and fangs. (lol) We went everywhere together, and did everything. We had our ups and downs but, Ever since then, You became my bestfriend, and I love you to death, and I will always have your back until the end

Mabelina: I met you through Vanessa. I was a noobie and one ugly sucker, with a prim baby (lol). You sank your fangs into my noobie skin, and turned me into a vampire. We became sisters soon to be 4 years later. We fought a lot, deleted eachother from our lists, but we still had love for eachother, and kissed and made up (ewww jk lol). But we went and still go places with eachother, act a fool in public, not caring what people think.

And I still love you, after all those years. It’s always the people that actually care, that stay around with you through bad times and good, that’s what you can actually call family.

Vanessa: I also known you for almost soon to be 4 years, and all I can say is look how far all of us has come. Look how we looked back then, and now look at us. You’re our sweetest sister, and you’ve always been there for us, you always extinguished the fire when problems arison. And I will always love you.

Daimon: (Under Progress)

Tre: I met you at the hub. I will always remember those first words you said to me. “Pussayy” (LMAO). And there was something about you that I liked. We got to know eachother. And I eventually fell in love with you. Ever since I can’t get enough of you. You make me smile with my heart, everytime i hear your voice. And when you’re not around, it feels like a part of me is missing. And when you come back around it’s like i’m alive again. You are a strong person. You are handsome. Your soul is gorgeous. Your mind is intelligent. And your heart is beautiful. I don’t want anyone else but you. You are the best by far. Words can’t describe how much I love you with all my heart and soul. And with all my beings. And I will always love you no matter what anyone says.


The People that I took time writing about I Love You Unconditionaly.

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