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Filed under: diary — siphamandla at 8:27 pm on Saturday, May 2, 2015

well here i am again with a very comon after break up question;

what do woman want.

i know from experience that they want what i am, but then they turn around and spit on my face.

am i too nice for my own good?

all girls dont actually break up with me, instad they just disapear in to thn air.

one even has the gall to ask me for a favour after disapering on me.

do i have a friend sticker on my forehead?

there is a this one girl whom i know wants me as bad as i want her, but what happens is that

when ever she and i are togather she loves it and we can chat for hours without a problem,

but when ever things are supposed to go beyond that point of friendship she always pulls back.

now tell me, do i repel women or do they just dont like me for being too honest???

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