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1/6/2015 Why Can't We Be Friends?

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There is a wealth of statistical information proving the fact that sanctions are by in large ineffective.  For a sampling, please scroll down on my Twitter page:  My question is then: Why do leaders of countries, including the United States, continue to choose these “counterproductive” measures, as President Vladimir Putin describes them (mind you, this is a president who has his doctorate in economics) to stop an unwanted behavior without little regard to the impact these chains have on a country’s people?

As stated by one economist from the Council on Foreign Relations (Caveat: Ladies and Gentlemen, I do beg your pardon because I do not recall the author’s name), as much as politicians or diplomats aim, they inevitably are unable to separate government heads from that of the people because of a trickle-down effect.  For example, if bankers are punished from being unable to borrow from foreign lenders, this is passed on to the people in the form of higher interest rates for lending purposes or lower rates for savings and investing.  

Why do people insist on doing the same old thing even if it does not work or have a statistically significant outcomes?

One movie that has had a profound impact upon my life was The Emperor.  This film was based on the true story of the American bombing of Hiroshima and the miraculous and heart-rendering reconciliation process which followed.  

If countries intend on spending much time, money, and people-power cleaning up their messes, why do we create them in the first place?

After we as a country or individuals have been burned or treated badly, is it always necessary to return evil for evil or is there a higher plain and ideology that we can subscribe to along with restitution or reparations that would emanate a more pleasing aroma than the smell of black soot and lifeless corpses?

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