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1/13/2013 1:59:25 PM

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Office Depot Solutions Toolkit

Service Report: Protection and Optimization

Office Depot Solutions Toolkit is now complete. Please review the results below.

Tasks Performed

  • Remove unwanted software

Your computer was reviewed for the presence of unwanted software programs. The unwanted programs were removed to optimize the performance of your computer.

Removed Programs

  • Norton Internet Security
  • PDF Complete Special Edition
  • PressReader
  • Zinio Reader 4
  • Delete unwanted folders and menu items

Your computer was reviewed for the presence of empty folders, unwanted files and redundant program menu folders and icons. The unwanted items were removed from your computer.


  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Online Services
  • C:\ProgramData\WildTangent
  • C:\hp\hpqware
  • Download and install McAfee VirusScan Plus

A copy of McAfee VirusScan Plus was installed and configured on your computer to maximize protection and safety.

  • McAfee Registration tool

Your anti-virus software was registered with McAfee to ensure that you remain protected with the latest virus definitions and software updates. Your McAfee account is the email address you provided for this service, and the password was set to ‘admin001′ we recommend that you log in to our McAfee account at and change this password by clicking the My Profile link and then clicking the Update button on the account information window.

  • Copy McAfee promotion link

Get 24 MONTHS* of McAfee Anti Virus Plus Software – * 12 months included with service. When the service is performed, an icon will be placed on the PC desktop; this icon will direct the customer to McAfee’s website. In order to receive the 12 month extension, you MUST register the software with McAfee using a valid credit card.

  • Install and run PC Support Agent

We have installed the OfficeDepot PC Support Agent which provides you the value of ongoing lite tunes and recommends services for purchase when it detects something on the PC that needs attention.

  • Perform service wrap-up tasks

To complete the service, your computer was reviewed and given a final clean-up.

  • Empty Recycle Bin
  • Delete browser history
  • Clear IE Temporary Files
  • Verify the optical drives

For any PC related problems visit or CALL 1-866-483-9162<<<<This is Ruth Ann Crouch.  Today is the day after her 37th birthday (January 11, 1976).  Ruth is my best friend ever in the whole world ever. Ruth died March the 27th 2011 from an accidental prescription drug overdose.  (Yeah, the aniversary of her death is coming up soon, as well.)  I love Ruth Ann with all my heart and then some. I will most definitely never, ever forget her as long as my life on this earth remains.  And at the end of days I know I will be reunited with her in Heaven above with all our loved ones (my Daddy, included) and our most Awesome Savior (Jerimiah 29:11-14<<<<my favorite scriptures in the whole Bible).   I dreaded yesterday for about 2 weeks.  I dreamed of Ruth for days.  I like dreaming of Ruth, but the dreams seem to reopen the wounds of her death and leave me with an emotional hangover and a lingering sadness.  Mostly I try not to dwell about Ruth too much however she is in my thoughts at some point everyday.  I Use present tense when I speak of my friendship with Ruth(<<<<November, 2010, the day of Rita Crouch Burris’ memorial…Ruth’s only sister and my friend) because there is no friendship on this earth that compares.  She was my lover at one time and she remains my friend, my sister, my compainoin, my confidant, my soul mate, my human touch.  I planted a willow tree in my yard in her memory. I’m so glad I chose the willow because of its flowing branches that, when they brush across my skin, feel like Ruth Ann reaching out and touching me, comforting me once again.  The only friendship in this life and the next that can touch my soul so more than what Ruth and I had on this earth is my relationship with Jesus Christ. I am so indescribably, uncomparably blessed with a relationship with Him.  It is Jesus that brought me through the pain of Ruth’s death and the death of my Daddy and 3 other friends all in the same year.  It is Jesus that keeps me from going insane with grief.  It is Jesus that sustains me, holds me in His arms, rocks me to sleep at night, opens my eyes every morning to a brand new glorious day of closness to Him. They say that pain is the motivation for all growth and change in ones life.  The explicite pain I felt when I heard the resonating words “Ruth Ann is dead”,  in the seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and all time to come after, could only be soothed by the amazing love of my Savior!! Shortly after my Daddy and Ruth Ann died I lifted my eyes to Heaven and called upon His prescious name and said, “I will serve You ANYHOW!”.  And I have.  And I will.  And I grow, and grow.  With every day that passes by that I reach out to Jesus I flourish and change in my soul and my spirit, becoming more and more like Him.  And I just wouldn’t have it any other way!!  If I could trade what I have in Him for another life with Ruth I would have to choose my Lord.  He took the drug addiction and the cigarette addiction. He changed my words and my thoughts and my desires. He changed my whole outlook on this life. Thank You Jesus for giving me 14 years with a wonderful, beautiful sister-friend like Ruth Ann.  Thank You Jesus for saving me from myself and from the depths of an agonizing grief that no words can describe.  Thank You for being my salvation.  And thank you, Ruth, for being the best friend anyone could ever wish for. I love you so and will miss you forever.

Your best friend in the whole world…

Catrina A McAllister

(This is the chorus to the song “These Are The Words I Would Say” by Sidewalk Prophets:   A few short weeks before Ruth Ann’s death she played this song for me one night as we sat in her car in my driveway.  I cryed.  Ruth told me that if she were to ever die before me that these are the words she would say to me. The lyrics of this song have helped to carry me through the pain of her death.  Thank you, Ruth. Thank You, Jesus.)

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