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diary of sweet memories…


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dear diary

as you know i told you yesterday that today i will tell you about my last part of itinerary  ”back to kochi” after winter vacation-2014.As i already described how romantic i am and all those  silly happenings around which often causes me little bit crazybut eventhough i used to live and rejoice those moments of my life because  here we have no boundation for our happiness and we shouldn’t miss those lucky and precious moments of our life thinking what the people would think of me?what will they say?and blah blah…

but you know what this is the life where we laugh and enjoy our haapiness,feel good for our success nor like those who are just dumb and lame from fear of  surroundings!

yeah i actually have felt and mean it!

now lad!  you must come to the point otherwise we all know how well i am in preaching..he he..

so as i am continuing fro where i left,lastly i sat on my berth and the train started instantaneously leaving all my pleasant moment behind.Albeit you know when you are good by  your heart then god will also take care for your happiness thats why we people always say good people are always when i started to feel gloomy a blunder once again happened before i could understand how,when,where,why no why not because because i wanted this sort of thing to happen forth..burp!

So it happened like whenever i feel sentimental and nostalgic i try to write something,that time i was at zenith of my sentimental mood so i opened my diary and stated to write about her remembring about her beautiful eyes which were as attractive as of dove! as attentive as of nimbly deer! and so on.but later i tried to recollect some of my imagination from my nearby as i rolled my eyes to catch any similar thing my naughty eyes collided with the lady who was sleeping in the front berth wearing santa-claus cap with red-lipstick shinning on glossed.I was just dumbstruck to see this sweet appeared that god has sent me a gift to feel happy in the form of lady-santa which had made me mesmerised at my first site itself.I forgot every thing at  that moment just watching her lovely and cute nose with dimple on her left cheek.i was just estimating how beatiful she appears as in sleep suddenly she was like that even in sleep she was aware that someone is watching your blissful face!Albeit she cauhgt me red-handed looking at her. i was afraid whether she would say something very rude.but you know what she tossed and slept facing her back to my side.i was just stunned and little bit repenting dmned it! which  tended me to look at  her like that but what to do?it was the final result of my sin.Anyway i tried to look outside and tried to recapture her face but strange thing happened this time instead of her this lady’s face came in my mind!OMG

i was literary shocked because you know that in movie of my favourite actor SRK-kuch kuch hota hai, Rani mukherjee says that”whenever you are facing problem and rememeber your dear one it i’ll  be okay”.so i aslo follow this tactics sometime but that time i got  the amazing result indeed.but i believed this gonna work as it did in past. so i was waiting for the miracle again

And so i tried my trick by talking to the person who was sitting beside me and watching me very carefully whether i am the sole owner of this berth or last he asked me “aapka kaun sa berth hai bhai ji?”i answered him and latter he replied which echoed in my ear for several minute!

he told that “mera berth no. 44 hai meri wife 41 pe so rhi hai :) “.Alas i felt about myslef that moment i thought this lady was unmarried but what to say now?

anyway i replied him very carefully hiding my true feelings there i have berth 45!.then our talk started i mean me and her husband

so what to say this conversation continued it halted when she woke again.

because you know what at the instant she woke he stopped taking to me in betwwen and started talikng to her giving mine less priority indeed.

but this time i was sharp enough to donot start again lest she will wake.

so i opened my laptop and started surfing some stuffs.

but my naughty eyes were still looking  for something something so i applied my formula of impressing girls although she was lady he..he..

and sooner or later she was trapped in my now i was confirming whether i gained victory over her or not?and the response i guessed was positive as she was gazing  at me only!Wow!  now i palyed my trump card and apologised for waking her up for which she replied as”nahi koi nhi main yu hi leti hui thi,bore ho rhi thi”.her tone was so sweet and nice that i am still finding her reply in my ear.i wind up like that “did she want to talk to me?” she is finding me a nice guy i anticipate infact  i was nice guy i wanted to tell her though but how can i?

her husband was just beside me and if i did something wrong probaly meri shaamt aayegi!

so i better i tried to be calm and started playin EA-cricket game and her husband was watching me and saying “cricket khel rhe hain aap acha hai time pas hoga,”she also asked from her husband what i was doing becuase i was giving my facial expression on wickets and sixes and fours but i sometime with my cornered eye looked on her appearance too!

later two more people came and they were saying they have upper both laptop battey was discharging after i finished Internship movie so i shutdown it and enquired whether the charging cable was working on which she replied “check kijye aap”.this time i looked directly at her and forget what to say but later reminded something should be answered otherwise i will be left. i just gave her smile which she reflected on her face having dimples!

sooner or later our talk started with the  people sitting around me.actually the two people who came later were teachers one of english other was of economics.they started to talk to me and later all the people joined in the discussion of science,politics,modi ji religion etc.and i answered and managed the decorum of that. they all were highly impressed with my knowledge and behaviour i guess so and so was She!i also talked to teachers in english with full rhythm which i can say was marvellous!

later in the night they asked me to exchange their berth so that they would be on middle and lower berth respectively which i agreed.after the dinner when i went for sleep she asked whether i needed bed-sheet as she saw me laying down on without anything beneath.i answered yes sure if you had extra.she gave her own  bed-sheet  saying that she will take out another.i was amazed to see her care for day of my journey on MFP-YPR was still full of surprises she woke me up in the morning saying that “kb tk soyega uthiyega?”

although maa was not succesful waking me up in single shout but even her sweet low-pitched sound made me wake it seems that i was just waiting for her call

later after being freshened she offerd me some snacks which i took some from her was very delicious infact i praised her.later in after noon she sat by my side and started  to talk to me when her husband was busy playing cards. we cracked some fuuny jokes and anecdotes  about silly things often our hand touched each other sometime we layed on each other too,sometimes our eyes spellbound too. it was a wacking-day dream for me with such a fun loving lady!

the day passed very the night after we ate our dinner she finally asked my name.i told her. she added that “Ashwini ji aap to kl subah hone se pehle chale jayega humein chor ke….”

i didnt thought for a while and responded “hum hain rahi pyaar ke phir milenge chalte chalte…..:)”she chuckled and smiled. i asked what was her name she told me very softly  it was “HEENA”.on this i told spontaneously what a sweet name it goes on your beatiful appearance.she smiled gently as i seen her glittering teeth in the dark.she asked about my home,my siblings,my eduction and last but not the least thatshe confessed that “i was the sweetest person whom she met ever.” i was thriiling with joy.i said “ofcourse main hoon hi aisa sb kehte hain”.i added too  that she is also the “cutest bahbhi” i ever met and wish that she would be mine own bhabhi forever.she laughed at this.later her husband instructed her to sleep so that i could wake-up early and so we exchanged good-night and slept later i woke up early as there was a man snoring a lot so i checked the time it was hardly 40 minutes to chennai. i freshened myself, packed my luggage and started checking the next train schedule.suddenly she whispered “aap aaj jaldi uth gye?”i answered “haan neend nhi aayi mujhe”.she also agreed and said “mujhe vi nhi”.she told me that “chod ke jaane waale humesha jaldi mein rehte hain”.

i understood her condition as far as now so i told her”upar-wale ne yaad nam ki chij isilye to banyi hai”.i was looking at her eyes which was saying like please stay for little bit this moment all people wake up and started whispering and enquired me “aap jaa rhe hain?”(whether are you going?)i said yes!.soon my station came i waved and said to her “alvida bhabhi phir milenge” and she gave her emotional smile which i somehow noticed.i collected the wishes from all the people and boarded-off the train!

this was my story did you like thisi bet you will!

good night!

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