Dear Diary

diary of sweet memories…


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Dear diary

today as you know it was the 2nd day of the year and i wanted to tell you more about my untold story of return journey  of “back to kochi”.

it was one of the memorable and roamantic journey of mine which you will come to know gradually

firstly after i left papa and ankit on the bus i came to the station and there i was thinking of only maa-papa.i swear dunno

why? but the thing which happpened was literary a magic in itself! at first i came to talk to a stranger who was also waiting for the train

on the same platform infact beside mine seat and reading newspaper having local news and  after i completed mine i was just peeping through

the headline of that newspaper.i was muttering and laughing smoothly on some of the news like one i would like to tell you was like that” A Policemen on duty

beaten by locals” and it continued  with the cover-story that a policemen who was on duty on platform moved away the stalls near railway station was chased and beaten

fiercely by the people OMG!this is gonna happen only in Bihar

then i talked with his son who was standing for a long time,i just asked “hey bro where are you going?” and instantly a girl came with her mother and while sitting

i noticed  that she was just staring at me when i looked upon her i was bewildered with her appearance as she was just gorgeous.If i hadn’t been standing and talking there  i would have not

met her and clash of both eyes seeking solacei thought that it would be a foolish idea to sit and move away and hence i started my conversation with that boy so that

we(that beaty and me )can see and talk without being talked! she had sat in such a postion that i would be seen without anyone’s notice OMG!

i really dunno how smart these girls are for their intuition at first site! anyway i continued and i noticed that she ahd very beautiful eyes which every time met made me feel like

i have my best part in my life and when she peeped while talking to her mother was really like “jaan le legi ye shokhi ada” i just say she had fallen in love with me at her first site! it seems

at that point of time that i was also in tune!she was smilng, i was smiling. she was looking, i was looking. she was shy, i kept staring. she moved, i continued watching her bypass and so on

you knowat some point my inner conscience was making such a typhoon that i should go there ask to her mom,asked her name and wanted to excuse us both for sometime so that this

romance should reach its zentih and fulfill its desire.but no man! this was infact bihar and in bihar to i was travelling back to kochi with maa-papa sent me with complete packings and what if they will see her son back to come home badly beaten and face-anointed i dared not to move and continued the “silsila”.after i finished my conversation with that lad i had to move to other side of platform as the computer announced i was sceptical whether she will join me or not?but you know she also joined us and i was literary dancing and humming a song “hum hain iss pal yahan jaane hoo kal kahan hum milen naa milen rehegi sada yahan pyar ki ye dasta sunegi sada jise ye jaami aasman……”

now it was the time of chupam-chupai(hide & seek) game when i was looking she appeared to be hidden from the people who where moving and probably when she, i faced the same!

anyway after so much terrific effort when our eyes caught each other” we were celebrating and rejoicing  from inside as if  whatever happens we can’t be separated for long time”.I was

thinking what if she had gone with me on the same train which i was waitng MFP-YPR express and together on the berth and we confront may be before whole journey i would have proposed her and granted the permission from Sasu-maa(step-mother) that she  should handle her beauty and now “i will take care of her treasure!”

but you know that every love story has some turning moment for which it is destined and mine was too one of those.A female voice came from behind “Passengers for your kind attention

the train number 15288 MFP-YPR express has arrived on the platform no.-4 passenger please acquire your sit”.it was like insturcting a prisoner who had been captive and his meeting hour has ended!so now move.

i was feeling a deep sorrow and saw the reflection in her.I was now staring at her in contentment as if no body was there only she and me.I was not sure enough when did the train arrived and when a man pushed me a bit i came from obilivion!her mother shaked her too. and i anticipate this time she caught us red-handed later she took my dream-girl and i was just looking her swiftly moving away.In no point of time she borded the same train.later i also realized that i had to board the same train too so a glimpse of hope arose in me i went to my birth

and kept my luggage and rushed to the other compartment to find her to ask her, atleast her sweet name.i went through each and every boggies but in vain i didn’t find her again.It was like

the magic which was spelled on me had disappeared and her echo and image was was still moving inside my mind nad making clamour!

i was wishing that may almighty make us meet again somewhere and  i thanked thee for such pleasure!

this part is upto my boarding later part i will tell you tommorow becuase i am feeling sleepy

good night!

Give me a pat!

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