Dear Diary

diary of sweet memories…


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Dear diary

every year i wanted to make some Resolutions  but every time it was forgotten or given a foolish idea to act upon but

this time i am stern enough and determined to write my feeling and happenings of my life so that when i leave this duniya

atleast some thing would be there which will account my autobiography :) .

Actually i need to be very informal to you as if you are my best friend with whom i can share all  my feelings and emotions

although you are a non-living but for me you are far more than living. yeah i mean it!

this time i will not be too much lenghty and so better come to the point.i had just arrived from my home which is in Begusarai(BIHAR)

as you know firstly i  had not wanted to go home but later i realized  that my maa and papa wanted me to come so that they

can have one glimpse of me since i am  their only hope to live.thats why i could not give up. albeit i had to submit my s1-s2 results which are

not out yet.

so during my return journey from kochi i felt too many awkard and difficut situtation like one old labourer who was coming from coimabatore was escorted

by his young son died probably besides my berth. it was really very pity one of passenger named R.Renju bhaiya helped them a lot. i too was willing to help

as u know but i had opened you in the train and so was more apprehensive to be stolen thats why i didnt move but begged from god a lot

for his survival because you know i was terrified and hallucinated to watch this pity seen having the patient vomiting blood omg

later i came to patna junction,oh sorry i forget to tell you about a boy named Rahul Raj.He was also a worker in Angamaly(kerala).actually i prefer to tell

him a chef rather.He was very keen and caring we became friends sooner and enjoyed 3 or 4 movies together on the laptop!

he made me feel like i never regreted for a on the patna junction i was in great need of my phone 3g data but alas i didnt find any

shop which can recharge my that palce is the bihar’s most suitable place to study?i have no idea!

i met one of acquainatnce who was basically from the same school where i lived my most memorable life,it is D.A.V.Public school itwa!

actually he was senior from me and was studying in BIT,Bengal pursuing his degree in CSE.later one stranger came and just our fromal talk started

he was a guardian of children who was aspiring for IIT-exams in Kota.As you know how it is common for every people in north India to compete for it.

then he asked about my college i told him that i am in CUSAT which bhaiya also agreed  that it is a premier govt. institute.I felt proud there later i came to home it

was around 7:30 and the chillest day there temp 4.4 degree celsius! my maa-papa was at home itself to welcome me i felt very happy to meet them after so much time.i ate then slept.

it was next day that i was relieved somewhat!but the weather was very unsuitable!indeed it was too much cold there.i was shivering from it.

next day i went to bank for my Internet banking request and then my Semester fees which all were accepted and done.i was done here.

then i moved to see my nani(maternal-mother) and mamu-mami.i went there with Ankit(my Bhanja).I went there and first met my badi mami

and asked ridiculously whether see recognize me?the answer was positive then i met my dearest Nani.As she first didn’t but sooner or later she called me “chotua chikaye!“(chote is my nickname in my home)i had a great time with nani and all other relatives there.first time i felt that i am now matured boy!

then i came back to my home as i had train tomorrow so i had to packup isn’t it?so did.

i wake up next morning very early i made the packings and helped papa about the LPG DBTL account opening i also told him that if i was sure enough that the account

would be opened then i will have stayed for more.but you know i was apprehensive and so made my decision to go.

i waved a very sad and gloomy bye to maa papa and Ankit and sat on the bus!

this was my itinerary upto here.

good night!

Give me a pat!

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